DevOps Engineer. Rails Evangelizer. Systems Engineering Professional from Unimagdalena (Santa Marta, Colombia) with a Master's Degree in Web Sites Management and Engineering from UNIR (La Rioja, España). Certified in Software Quality Management and ITIL. Passionate Coder. Public Speaker. Coffee Drinker. Tweeter. Facebooker. Soccer Enthusiast. Xeneize. Boca Juniors's Craziest Fan Ever. Bianchi's Worshipper. Frustrated Tennis Player. Wrestling Addict. WWE/NXT Brands Follower. Annoying Gamer. Playing Clash Royale seriously. Current Team Captain of @SeleccionMAG. Animalist. Cats Lover. Lovely 6yo-Turkish-Angora's Owner/Brother. Most-Beautiful-Woman-In-The-World's Husband since November 24th/2017. Rocker. Friendly Guy. Family Man.

My work.

I'm currently working as DevOps Engineer at Corpamag. A highlighted state-owned company dedicated to strengthening the state's environment. Part of my job is to encourage, develop, implement and improve e-Government strategy's projects and be an important part of the ICTs Department's Support Staff.

Also, I'm an academic person who loves to teach. Because of that, I'm realizing my dream of being a high educational instructor at 2 Colombian universities (pre-graduated level at one and post-graduated level at the other).

My whole experience.

I'm former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Código Fuente. This is a digital solutions agency based in Santa Marta (CO); specialized in high quality bespoke apps development, both web and mobile, UX/UI design, IT support and digital communication and advertising; which it has quality professionals in all fields and satisfied customers around the world, specially in Colombia and United States.

I was working as Head of Developmental Area in the Systems Department at Cajamag. This is a providing service company, in which I was working about 2 years, developing with a team, useful software for both employees and affiliates of the company.

I have experience too, working as Full-Stack Web Apps Developer in Clue Code SAS, a bespoke web and mobile apps development company, and as responsable for the Community and Content Management in places like the University of Magdalena, in their Educational and Pedagogical Technology Center (CETEP) and in Revista Tayrona, a multicultural magazine established in Santa Marta, Colombia.

My projects.

I'm working on a project that involves the way people start developing on frameworks, and how to make things more easier for them. Help them to focus on their ideas and not waste time on trivialities. Also, I'm starting with a new foundation for open source projects, and contribute on a few published on GitHub. People will can find news about the evolution of this all in my blog, right here in this site, and/or in my twitter account.

To see another projects developed, executed or directed by myself, I invite you to click here to go to see my portfolio.


They motivate me everyday...

My beautiful wife, Gina.

My mom, Carmen.

My dad, Obeyeido.

My little brother, Alejandro.

And this is the happiness of us all... Our 6 years old Turkish-Angora, TOM.

Another pics...

Me, speaking about RubyOnRails and Telegram CLI in the Latin America Free Software Install Fest 2013 @ Unimagdalena.

NASA's SpaceApps Challenge 2013 arrived in Colombia thanks to GeoCensos. Me & my team this year, won 1st place in Latin America, and occuped 4th place worldwide with our project, CompassStation.

La Bombonera, Argentina. My temple. Home of my beloved Boca Juniors.

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