I will use this personal blog to share information and news about programming, focusing on the Ruby language and its RubyOnRails framework, but without neglecting other languages ​​and frameworks they are giving a lot of talk today like Go, Elixir, Clojure, Meteor, Python/Django, PHP/Laravel, React, Ionic, among others. Additionally, I will post information, news and progress about the projects I'm currently developing (mostly open source) and some other things that will be taking place in the foundation I'm creating to develop/manage open source projects.

Also, expect occasional photographies and videos posted on any of my social networks and channels. I'm testing Periscope, so you can expect live videos soon about anything mentioned in this post as well.


Rafael Peña-Azar

Rafael Peña-Azar

Sys Engineer. MSc in Web Management & Engineering.
Gina's Husband. Tom's Brother (My 6yo Turkish-Angora).
Developer. Instructor. Animalist. Gamer. Xeneize.

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